Tuesday 20 November 2018
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A Quick Poker Guide for Beginners

A Quick Poker Guide for Beginners

Poker is often termed as King of card games. It involves betting as a main ingredient. The poker game includes gambling, skill and strategy.

Combination of players’ cards decides the winner of each hand. You can win the pot if you manage to form the highest ranked five-card hand of poker or the entire remaining players fold to your bet thereby surrender the pot to you.

Types of Poker

Before getting into the details of different Poker games, you should understand few terms related to Poker.

  • Blinds – Money in a chip form placed on the Poker table.
  • Ante – The minimum amount required for gambling.
  • Call – Matching up of the raised amount, in the event of new wager
  • Check – Unwillingness to raise, in case no wager is made
  • Raise – Increase of the table bet.

As we are done with basic terminology of Poker, let us move to the types of Poker games.

  • Community Card games – Community cards, shared by all the players would be dealt having face-up. Casinos use blinds and in home games, antes are used typically.

  • Stud Games – In stud games, players are supposed to make their best hand out of original cards. Players are usually dealt five or seven cards.
  • Draw games – In draw games, to improve hand, the players are allowed to trade in usually up to three cards.
  • Texas Hold ‘Em It is one of the most popular community card games. A betting round is ensued after players are dealt two private “hole” cards. The “Flop” is formed as the three community cards are dealt face up followed by a second round of betting. A third betting round follows a fourth community card, the “turn”. Finally, the last betting round follows the “river”, the fifth community card. Players have to make the best hand of five-cards from any five cards among the five on the table and the two in hand.

  • Omaha A type of Texas Hold ‘Em, have four betting rounds However, instead of 2 hole cards, 4 hole cards are dealt in Omaha and the 5 community cards are immediately revealed. You would be required to make best five-card hand to be made 1 out of 2 hole cards and three on the table.

You will find a lot of online situs judi poker that offer you to try your luck. However, if you are a beginner; then you must first learn the rules and strategies, to increase your chances of a win at Poker.